• About Us

    Digit All City (DAC) was formed in 2016 as a Cyber Security training, testing and placement company. With the assistance of Lance Lucas, a known cyber strategist and founder of the nonprofit Digit All Systems (DAS), Joseph Sutton had created DAC.  We have 35+ years, of combined experience, working with 42,000 clients in Cyber Security testing, training, and STEM programs. DAC provides workforce development training  by equipping individuals with skills needed to maximize in demand information technology (IT) career opportunities.

    The Mission

      The expansion of technology education to socio-economically disadvantaged populations who many are in danger of being left behind, educationally and financially, without a working knowledge of technology.      

    Contact Us

    Digit All City - Corporate

    89 Mellor Ave, Catonsville, Maryland 21228, United States

    (855) 447-3322